buying an investment property in Manchester

Buying an Investment Property in Manchester

Buying an investment property in Manchester is a wise choice but where in this large city is it best to invest? Today we’ll be comparing the city centre with the South and asking what the pros and cons are to each area. As always it depends on your tenant profile and your goals with yield and growth. It depends on your exit strategy… and you might find that with city centre property you could end up being locked into a deal in a way that won’t happen to you in the South.

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Find Repossessed Properties in London

It’s no secret that repossessed properties can offer fantastic investment opportunities but finding and buying them can be tricky when compared to other types of property. If you are looking to buy a lot of stock then you should look to LPA receivers. If it’s just one or two you are after then you should look to auctions or to estate agents. However, you are unlikely to be told out-right which properties are repossessions so you need to know what to look for.

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YPN Magazine Feature | HMO Case Study

In March and April of this year YPN Magazine published a two part article by Rob. This article is about HMO (house of multiple occupation) investment strategy and is titled, “Which HMO Strategy Gives the Best Returns? An HMO Case Study”. With YPN’s permission you can view both parts on this page. You can also visit their website at and see the original piece from which the article was created here.

Invest in Manchester property . Growth and Yield

Manchester Property | Growth and Yield by Area

Property in Manchester offers a lot of great opportunities for investors of all stripes… but like all big cities those opportunities vary in nature depending on where in the city they are. South Manchester is a fantastic place to invest if your focus is on capital growth. If, however your focus is on obtaining monthly cash flow then the South is not so good. Rental yield in the North, West and East can be a lot better.

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Is Investing in Property with only £20,000 Realistic?

Today, we’re going to be looking at a two-part question. Is twenty thousand pounds to invest in property enough to get started? Of course. And is investing in leasehold property a good idea? Well, it certainly can be but there’s a few things to check before you put in a bid.

Property Investing. How to find the right location

How to Pick the Postcode | Investing in Property

Property investing is a location based business but how can you tell which is the right area in which to invest? Today we’re going to look at what it means for there to be a lot of properties on sale in a given location. Is it a bad sign? It certainly can be. You will need to look at housing density, the length of time properties are on the market, trends in property types and recent price drops. This will tell you a lot about the area your researching.

Raising Finance to Buy Property in Manchester

Raising Funds for Your Next Investment Property

Today Rob discusses how to go about raising finance for buying an investment property. There is of course the traditional method which is through a mortgage but there are other options as well. These include putting together joint ventures and thinking hard about how to use the money you already have. Whatever your situation is there’s a strategy for you.