How To Measure Up The Perfect HMO

How To Measure Up The Perfect HMO (House In Multiple Occupation)

What makes the perfect HMO? The answer here is quite simple. It is all about the layout of the house and the sizes of the rooms. Of course, these are not simple things to change in a house so today we are going to be discussing exactly what you should be looking for when you are out viewing property with a mind to invest.

A Landlords’ Guide To Finding The Right Tenants

Finding the right tenants is a crucial element to making your property investment profitible over the long term. It isn’t just a case of making sure that your property has people living in it, but making sure that those people are of a tenant profile that fits your overall investment strategy.

Property Course Reviews

Some Recent Reviews For Our Property Course

Read a selection of reviews from clients who have working through our VIP property course. All reviews were left at Google Business and all reviewers have our love and gratitude. We at Property Investments UK wish you all the best in your property careers. To your success!

health and safety in rented accommodation

Your Rights As A Tenant | Health and Safety In Rented Accommodation

Every property on the rental market must meet certain standards that ensure that it is safe and fit to live in. Health and safety in rented accommodation is assessed, normally by a local authority using the HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating System). As someone who is renting however it is better that you know your rights as a tenant and are not just relying on some third party to make sure that everything in your house is as it should be.

Investing in HMOs in 2017

The Cases For And Against Investing In HMOs in 2017

Most investors know that houses in multiple occupation can make superb investments. HMOs supply rental yields that can’t be achieved with with your standard buy to lets and in the right areas the demand for affordable, flexible housing as offered by multi-let properties has never been higher. But, as with all things there are downsides as well. Today we weigh up the pros and cons of investing in houses in multiple occupation.

Property abbreviations and property acronyms

Property Investment Terminology | Abbreviations and Acronyms

Property, like any industry comes with it’s own jargon, terminology, abbreviations and acronyms. For the new, would be investor, this can be daunting and even seasoned operators can sometimes struggle. Today we present a complete list of abbreviations and acronyms commonly used in the UK property sector.

Why Weekend Property Seminars Won’t Make You A Millionaire Investor

Property seminars can be great, but the wrong format and they can be an inefficient use of time and really slow down your learning on how to make money in property and getting on the road to becoming a millionaire investor. Today we look at the problem of relying on weekend seminars to learn your craft and at why the right online property courses are going to get you to where you want to be much faster.

the perfect rental yield

How To Work Out Rental Yield For A Buy To Let Investment

When investing in property the singularly most important factor, that will make or break your business, is your ability to calculate rental yield. Whether you are new to investing in property and looking at your first house, a landlord with a number of properties under your belt already… or even a manager of a large portfolio – it doesn’t matter – calculating the rental return of your properties is something that you cannot overlook.

Why A Good Rental Yield Is Far More Important Than A BMV Deal

When you buy a property below market value you might not be getting what you hoped for. If a BMV deal does not have a good rental yield then you won’t turn a profit. Worse still you might end up losing money month by month. A good rental return is essential to success in property and focussing entirely on discounts will wreck your portfolio.

House key on a house shaped silver keyring in the lock of a door

How A Property Investment Mentor Could Save You 10k per Deal

If you are new to property then hiring a property investment mentor can seem like a big step. But, it’s a step that is going to save you a lot of time and money. Today we look at how a property mentor and the right property coaching could help you save (at least) £10,000 on the next house you buy.

Getting started in property with the right online investment course

Getting Started in Property with the Right Online Investment Course

Getting started in property is all about getting the right education. When you’re buying houses every mistake is likely to be expensive. Of course you can learn a lot from blogs such as this one. But, if you want to supercharge your training and start making money quickly then combining the right online investment course with the right property mentor is a winning formula for success.